Thursday, June 8, 2017

Look Good & Confident With Otoplasty !

Ear modification surgery treatment or otoplasty is one of the most secure cosmetic surgeries with good results. It refines the size, the shape and the position of the ear, moves prominent or protruding ears closer to the head and reduces the size of large ears.It can be easily done at Specialists Cosmetics Surgery Center as its the Best Center for Otoplasty treatment in Kerala

What Is Done Before Surgery?

Your medical history will be evaluated & you will be advised with regards to termination of smoking and medications comprising aspirin. The ears will be analyzed, evaluated and photographed. It should be kept in mind that the two ears are never symmetrical and some difference in their shape is bound to stay. The angle between the ear and the head is calculated.
The areas that will be excised or reshaped are marked and digital photographs are taken in order to document the amount of improvement after surgery.

What Is The Procedure?

It can be operated under local or local anesthesia. A small cut is made on the backside of the ear in the crease and the cartilage is exposed. The cartilage is modified (excised or reshaped) depending on the prep plan. The angle between the ear and the head is reduced and permanent stitches are used to retain the ear in the new position. The incision is closed with stitches under the skin and a fluffy cotton dressing is done. Bandage is placed on the ear to help in healing. The procedure takes only a couple of hours.

What Should Be Done Post Surgery?

Patients should be careful not to sleep on the sides for about 3 weeks. The bandage should be retained for a couple of days after which a headband will have to be worn for about 4 weeks. Pain and bruising near the ear are predicted but can be controlled by medication. Normal activity can be started in 2-3 days. The ears should not be dragged or strained till comprehensive healing has taken place as reversions are likely due to the 'memory' of cartilage. 

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