Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rhinoplasty - Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

Rhinoplasty is a surgery performed to reshape the nose. It can make the nose larger or smaller, change the angle of the nose in relation to the upper lip, correct bumps or alter the tip of the nose, indentations or other defects in the nose. Cosmetic surgeries such as Rhinoplasty can change one's personality and boost up one's confidence and performance. Rhinoplasty can also correct structural problems with the nose that causes chronic congestion and breathing problems. 


During rhinoplasty, doctor makes incisions to access the bones and cartilage that support the nose. The incisions are made inside the nose so that they are invisible after the surgery. Depending on the desired result, some bones and cartilages are removed and tissues will be added. After the surgeon has rearranged and reshaped the bone and cartilage, the skin and tissue is wrapped over the structure of the nose. A splint is placed outside the nose to help support the new shape of the nose as it heals.
Rhinoplasty is done using general or local anesthesia. Surgeons who do rhinoplasties typically have training in either plastic surgery or otolaryngology or both.

The bandaging and support around the nose will be removed in about a week. The face will feel puffy and the area around the eyes and nose will be bruised and swollen for several days. Cold compresses can help minimize the swelling and reduce pain. The doctor may also recommend pain medicine. It takes about 10 to 14 days for most of the swelling and bruising to improve. There may be a need to keep the head elevated and relatively still for the first few days after surgery.

The results of rhinoplasty might be minor or significant, depending on what kind of correction is required. If the expectations are realistic and the plastic surgeon shares them, he or she will probably be able to give the best results required.
The results of rhinoplasty are permanent, although subsequent injury or other factors can change the nose's appearance. Cosmetic surgery should only be done on a fully developed nose. If surgery is done before this time, continued development of the nose can alter the surgical results and possibly cause complications.

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