Monday, May 8, 2017

Get Chubby Cheeks With Fat Injection Procedures

A sunken or hollow cheeks are judged to be aesthetically weak characteristics. They make you look older and emancipated. Fat injections are cosmetic treatment measures developed to address these volume depletion issues. Facial fat injections are classic treatment techniques for better facial contouring and sculpting.

Fat Injection Procedure

The procedure of fat injection involves the extraction of fat from other parts of the body and injecting them into facial tissues to ensure better contouring and filling up of the sunken areas of the face. The procedure is conducted after numbing the area of treatment.

Fat tissues are collected from the areas of the patient’s body like thighs, stomach, buttocks and so on, with the help of techniques like liposuction. This extracted fat cells collected with gentle liposuction are then isolated and cleaned.

The ultimate step involves the injection of these cleaned and isolated fat cells into the sunken and hollow areas of face. This technique is also called fat transplantation. The procedure helps in eliminating the sunken look and plumping up the skin.

Am I Suitable Candidate For Fat Injection?

The procedure of liposuction is usually done to eliminate skinny and hollow face. The candidates who can get benefit from the treatment are as follows.
  • If you would like to enhance the facial volume without using cosmetic procedures like fillers.
  • If you want to straighten wrinkles and fine lines along with plumping up the skin
  • If you prefer more natural ways of plumping up the skin, without using a foreign body.
  • If you have lost layers of fat from facial skin.

Benefits Of Fat Injection

  • Fat injection involves natural components and hence limits chances for infection.
  • The procedure is versatile and can be used to correct depressions and scars on skin as well.
  • They last longer than other injectable cosmetic procedures.
  • Can be used in association with facial rejuvenation, dermabrasion as so on.
Fat injection procedures can be used on other body parts for better contouring procedures as well.

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