Saturday, April 11, 2015

Various Cosmetic Surgery for Enhancing your Beauty


One can improve the appearance of any part of the body through cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular in the past 15 years, and even seems to be common practice. Once cosmetic surgery was restricted to rich, but it is common practice in India. Cosmetic surgery in India is on rise. Common people have started to use this facilities.

Specialist Cosmetic center established in 1980, provide best cosmetic surgery in Kerala. We are the first one to do facial replantation in India. The department is controlled by:

Dr. R Jayakumar, MS, MCh, Dip. NB

Dr. Senthil Kumar, MS, MCh

Dr. A J Guild, MBBS (Registrar)

Dr. Asha Cyriac, MS, MCh

We provide following cosmetic surgery:

Rhinoplasty: to improve the appearance of nose

Tummy Ruck: to reduce fat in belly especially for women

Facelift: to decrease the oldage look of face.

Hair Transplantion: We are first one to do hair transplantation in Kerala. We are using latest technologies.

We have many more solutions to improve appearance.