Friday, July 22, 2016

Best Ear Hole Correction in Kochi

Ear hole correction or repair is a kind of reconstructive surgical method, performed to restore the hole of the ear that have become large due to repeated use of ear ring. Sometimes there are chances that our ear may get torn or stretched due to trauma, piercing or ear tearing.

Ear hole correction in Specialist Cosmetic Centre

Ear Hole Correction Surgery Procedure:

Flesh tunnel repair or ear hole correction is a surgical procedure carried out when it stretches off. This surgery is similar in the manner as split earlobe repair surgery, but does not take that longer. In order to make the correction, an incision is made in the earlobes and then stitched thus repairing the area. This entire surgical procedure is carried out under a local anesthesia, which will extend from 20-30 minutes.  

Why should you have an ear hole correction?

When the ear hole gets stretched due to tribal piercing, more than 8mm, it is normally that this wide hole will contract by its own to its original size, overtime. Letting the earlobes in this stretched manner will result in its abnormal shape, which will be often difficult to hide with your hair, especially with those with short hairstyle.

What happens after the surgery?

Once you get done with this surgery, a small red colour scar remains which eventually  fade and turns grey in colour. After a 4-6 months your earlobe appears as normal with no clear signs of previous piercing. Your can be repierced after a 6 months of ear hole correction surgery has been taken place.

If you feel your stretched appearance of earlobe is badly affecting your social life as well as career, Specialists Cosmetic Centre offers you the best ear hole correction surgery in Kochi, fulfilling all your worries.

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