Thursday, August 6, 2015

Male Breast Reduction: Gynaecomastia Surgery, Cost

Breast in Male is known as male breast or man boobs. Male breast reduction surgery is used to remove male breast. Technically this surgery is known as Gynaecomastia.

What causes Male Breast? There are several reasons for formation of breast in male, they are
1) Genetic Factor. This most common reason for male breast.
2) Less amount of testosterone compared to estrogen. Testosterone is hormone producing male traits, estrogen in female hormone.
3)Improper function of kidney or liver.
4)Fat in the chest make chest look like breast.
5)Cancers on chest.
6)Certain Medications

Male Breast Reduction

Treatment depends on the causes of formation. If it is genetics or due to obese or fat formation, liposuction can be used for the removal. After the liposuction, patient should not do heavy work involving shoulders for atleast one month.

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Gynaecomastia Surgery Kerala India
Male Breast Reduction Kerala India

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